Native American Interior Design

The people who love to enjoy the Native American interior design can pick nice ideas about it. Native American culture is really very diverse and visually rich, making it an interesting theme to incorporate into your home decor. This interior design usually is defined based on the natural wood, southwest element as well as the Mission style. All of them can reflect the true feeling of the native Indian people from the Navajo design, Pueblos Indian and eastern woodland.

Implementing the look will be fun and challenging. This is an idea that you have to try this Native American interior design at home. The main thing that people have to concern when it comes about the Native American interior design lies on the look of the traditional crafts and arts.

It’s the best to emulate the aesthetic of the Native Americans from the southwest. If you take a look at some of their home items like their pottery, you’ll notice that each item is discrete enough to fit in yet detailed and striking enough to stand out as an individual piece. Their predominantly dark and neutral colors also ensure that it won’t be randomly sticking out against most color schemes. It’s this kind of aesthetic that will work best when integrating a completely new theme into an existing motif.


Before leaving the example of pottery behind, it has to be mentioned that pottery is one very big item you can have to add that Native American touch into a room. They’re excellent design pieces that are very functional as well. Using them for storage is a great way to incorporate them into the theme. If you get a big enough pot, you can even make it a designing centerpiece by decorating a certain space around it.

You can implement an interior design idea based on the look of the southwest Native American interior design. This style is large since people can pick the pueblos, adobe or even Mission style. The primary thing that you should concern when you can to deliver the look is your creativity. The color palette in Native American interior design is often dominated by turquoise and coal accent. You can also enjoy the color defined from the look of natural elements such as the amethyst, brick red and copper tone.

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The wall treatment is easy to apply. You can have it made from wood. It is better for you to apply white color since the neutral color will be easy to spice up with the native craft and art. The curtain, furniture and wall hanging in Native American interior design should be suitable with the turquoise color. The wall hanging that you can apply in the house should deliver the quality of the Native American interior design. You can pick the desert lizard or even sun pattern to feel the nature.

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The next type of native America interior design is called as pueblo American Indian interior design. This style enables you to pick the main color defined from the look of rose. The adobe home is the best inspiration that you should concern when you want to make an application. You just have to decorate the house in simplicity. Some interesting colors that you can apply include melon, sunshine yellow, turquoise, and cantaloupe, sunset red and amethyst. The flower is made in natural accent, while the throw rug is available in the back on the sofa upholstered in leather tone. Don’t forget to place a thick blanket on the sofa. Then you can decorate this look by placing some handmade pottery. You can fill it with fake fruits or even flowers.


The last type of Native American interior design is based on the look of the sun. Sun is one of the important elements in the life of native Indian people. Some native India tribes who have a wonderful design of the sun named as Tawah are the Hopi and Navajo tribes. Thus you can fill the house with some interesting sun design. For example, you can pick a hand woven rug in the form of the sun. The highlight the room should be vibrant. You can make it enticing by implementing the supporting colors like turquoise, red and green. Thus, your native American interior design ideas will be fun.

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Discreet way to add those Native American touches is hanging up artworks made by or inspired by the cultural group. You can easily find Native American prints or reproductions online. Framing them properly and hanging them up in the right places can really help in bringing out the Native American ‘feel’ that you’re trying to achieve.

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Trinkets, baskets, instruments and tools, in the right quantities, will further emphasize the Native American theme. Putting one or two big and free-standing pieces around a room will be sufficient to bring out the accent that you’re after. If you want to get smaller novelties and bric-a-brac, make sure you arrange them on a shelf or in a display case. Doing so turns the small items into one big design element, making them easier to identify and unlikely to be seen as mere clutter.

When decorating a room with Native American touches, it’s really best to just let things happen and buy items as you see them. The Native American aesthetic was closely tied to nature, to the world and to letting things be.

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