MYP House, Argentina by Estudio BaBO

The project consists of a single family suburban house placed within a corner plot in a traditional Country Club in the Pilar area, Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a surface area of 1100 sqm, the site forms part of a new extension of the Club, resulting in an almost inexistent urban context, deprived of both neighboring houses and grown vegetation.

The only significant influence surrounding the plot is the adjacent par three golf course. The plot is completely flat and there is no physical limit between the golf course and its northeastern border, resulting in a magnificent view which also coincides with the best sun orientation.

The internal regulation of the Country Club, including a strict limitation to the buildable area and its limits regarding the neighboring buildings, generates a very large urban sprawl with lots of space between houses. This results in large green open spaces, enabling you to connect with the natural surroundings, a characteristic not common in other suburban developments such as this one. On the other hand; these same characteristics, combined with the client’s desire to use the maximum area allowed, often result in a very compact rectangular volume, sometimes dull and devoid of expression.

This is the main reason why most of the houses in this neighborhood tend to concentrate on the outer spaces (so common in this type of climate) by using lightweight structures attached to the main volume, thus compromising their own formal logic.

Bedrooms and bathrooms occupy an L-shaped floor-plate on the first floor, enabling ground floor living areas to be double-height. The clay brick used is sourced from nearby town Chacabuco.

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These strong factors, existent in a design most of the houses within this area, are taken as the principal ideas for their project design. They chose to exteriorize the volume, instead of hiding it, exploiting all of its possibilities.

Apply different articulation mechanisms to create a variation of spatial relations between the different factors present in the projects program. They slice the volume horizontally dividing the daily functions from the private ones. Then they cut, rotate and translate the lower walls so as to gain contact with the exterior at ground level, without giving away the required privacy. Everything seems to have been created in order to give a monolithic character to the house. The pieces of furniture were carefully chosen and in harmony with the interior. The building itself seems to be a perfect geometric shape, a rectangle which fits perfectly in the page it was drown.

Awarded the 2011 Recent Work Prize by the Central Architects Society of Argentina.






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