Moroccan Furniture And Home Décor

Moroccan Furniture And Home Décor – This home style comes from the Mediterranean country Morocco, which has a vibrant and beautiful history. Actually, the Moroccan style is as vibrant as the place of its origin. Moroccan furniture and home décor is being used nowadays for giving the house a vibrant and dramatic look.

Moroccan home style is almost synonymous to seductiveness and charm that is clearly reflected in its colors and decoration style. The house that uses the Moroccan style for decorating is richly decorated to give a royal and elegant look.


Moroccan décor involves the use of rich and vibrant colors like red, yellow, blue and their shades for the wall texture. Use of such colors gives the walls a look of the old world, which was full of natural warmth. The colors that are most preferred are creamy yellow and the beautiful all time favorite lavender. The colors are usually applied over a base of a neutral sand paint. The walls can also include columns, cornices and moldings. The rooms also include the use of various accessories that are bright in color but also have an old metallic touch. These include mirrors with beautiful designed frames and light shades that can be placed on the bedside tables or hanged from the ceiling. But make sure that these lights also have metal shades molded in beautiful designs or cloth shades that are bright in color and compliment the wall texture. Apart from these, the rooms can be decorated with showpieces that give an antique look. The main purpose is to give the whole room and its atmosphere a unique laid back antique appearance.

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The doors and windows are constructed in arched shapes. The windows are also fitted with wooden slides. These wooden slides and doors are engraved with beautiful engravings. They are usually dark in color like black and tan with a lot of shimmer that can easily reflect backlight giving the doors and windows a unique look. Moroccan furniture style is unique with rich engravings. All furniture, tables, chairs and armoires are engraved with rustic designs. These designs are also colored with rich colors like red, yellow and blue. The mosaic of colors can also be found on the floors that have mosaic designs made from colorful tiles. The predominant color used for floor tiles is terracotta red. The mosaic is also used for decorating small fountains that can be added in the interiors of the house. Moroccan décor is incomplete without the use of large size pots, vases and decoration pieces made from terracotta. In fact, pottery is an integral part of Moroccan décor.

The furnishings are also rich in color. The material that is usually used for furnishing purpose includes rich cloth material like silk and crape. This gives the furniture a larger than life royal look. But it is not necessary to furnish every furniture piece. Chairs can be decorated with colorful engravings that easily compensate for the absence of furnishing. The style is simply irresistible and can be easily incorporated in one’s lifestyle.








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