Modern Treehouses By Baumraum

Modern Treehouses By Baumraum – Treehouse is a fantastic place for enjoying a summer with your family. Living in treehouse is not only a matter of bringing a difference in your lifestyle but also takes you away from the chorus of day-today life, thereby burning your stress and making you feel much more relieved.

Baumraum is a German company that designs and builds some of the most amazing contemporary treehouses. Baumraum designs constructions for natural and urban surroundings where you can unwind and let your imagination run free. Most of their sustainable projects are in Germany, but they’ve also completed treehouses in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Brazil and the US.


Treehouse Djuren. An elliptical volume with egg-like sides seems to float above a wooded family property in Northern Germany, supported on a series of four stilts around two are oak trees. Sleeping benches covered in gray felt offer a comfortable perch from which to look out onto the trees.


Treehouse in Belgium. The climate-controlled space is a lot more like a conventional building than most treehouses, containing a kitchen, lounge and restroom as well as a ventilation system and motion-sensor LED lights. The design of this eco-friendly treehouse consists of two small cabins and terraces constructed from pine, oak and spruce, resting on 19 steel stilts that minimize the impact on the forest floor. The entire structure is designed to be energy-efficient, with a CO2-neutral heating and cooling system. The lower cabin is outfitted with a coffee lounge and technology room while the upper cabin, 6.5 meters above the ground, serves as a meeting room.


The Urban Treehouses, as they are collectively named, was developed by a grandfather/grandson team who wanted to allow visitors to connect with nature and experience a different way of living. They were designed by architect Andreas Wenning of treehouse specialist Baumraum.

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Despite the ‘urban’ description, the treehouses are located in a low-density suburban area adjacent to the Grunewald, a forest near the edge of Berlin. Both treehouses face into the forest.


King-of-the-Frogs-treehouse treehouse-solling

‘King of the frogs’ treehouse (left), Treehouse Solling (right)


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