Modern Interior Design: Celio Apartment by Carola Vannini

The Celio Apartment is located close to the Colosseo area in Rome, Italy. Take a look at the wonderful construction designed by Italian architect Carola Vannini. It is notable, that apartment Celio is manifested by the renovation of the old structure with a total redesign and reorganization. Rooms are airy and bright with spacious interiors. Room oozes creativity with State-of-the-art décor of white space suit. The design gives the feel of a natural even in narrow passages that connect the rooms. Celio apartment provides a luxurious floor space square feet which paved 2.489 mostly by grey wooden floor. Wood flooring extends to the balconies provide feel disturbed.


Unusual lighting line bordering the walls, roof and floor joints and brilliantly laid out. The lighting system has been carefully studied in order to emphasize perspectives and space depth. A direct relation with the exterior area is underlined by the wooden floor that extends from the interior space into the balcony. The position of windows, furniture made incredible interior design and manufactured to reveal some perspective for the space.


Here is an example of awesome interior design with a striking color combination of red and white. The main areas of today’s kitchen, with clean rooms which are defined to work around with ease. Giving is the dimension of isolated politically from the ceiling and the floor through the red light goes on. White sliding glass doors used to cover the area of kitchen per user discretion.

Black door and window frame reminds you of the landscape with a view of the frame background. Creative designed furniture item adds to the charm. The apartment comes with a three-bedroom, three-bathroom-office. The old built-in wardrobes appropriate architecture and decorated with printed backlit glass panels. Overall you get an idea of the talents of modern minimalism with all terms for the family.

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