Modern Inipi Sauna by Duravit

How about having one of these in your own home and doing so with ergonomic style? A new and extraordinary from Duravit is modern Inipi Sauna futuristic designer sauna with shower. Duravit, a German company, sauna were created so that you do not need to go out sauna to clean themselves , have taken inpiration from ritual cleansing of the people in lakota north american indian which they call inipi, inipi means is importance of the sweat lodge ritual bath for Ceremonial cleansing and physical well-being. Now, the sauna utilises concealed technology to present this bright, transparent design.

The glass cabin stands on a wooden frame and illuminated by LED strip lights, creating an oasis of relaxation and beauty.

The modern sauna design complemented with concealed technology in transparent design. Inspired by cleansing ritual of the Lakota North American Indians, the sauna comes with shower. Contact Duravit to bring the fantastic Inipi Sauna to your home.



duravit-inipi-1 tBStJ 1822


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