Mixing And Matching Kitchen Tiles

Mixing And Matching Kitchen Tiles – The kitchen is place where a lot of time is spent. Hence it is imperative to spend particular attention to the design and set up of the kitchen. The region over the counter top often turns out to be a problem area in the kitchen for many people. It is a good idea to install a kitchen tile backsplash. The small region over the counter top is ideal for lending a final touch to the kitchen. Glass kitchen tiles and natural stone tiles can be used in this context. As an alternative a person can also use tiles with texture and hand painted tiles. There is no hard and fast rule that all the tiles used in this area would have to look similar. A home owner can get interesting results by mixing and matching tiles.


Marble mosaic kitchen tiles, Tile Mountain

Tiles not only look good in a kitchen but they are also easier to maintain and clean. It would be wrong to think that a mason needs to be called for installing a backsplash. On the contrary, glass tile backsplash can be installed by a home owner easily. As expected some of the kitchen tiles need to be cut for trimming around windows and similar openings. While this can prove to be time consuming it is not tough.

Other openings like switches and wall outlets need to be trimmed carefully. The benefit of ceramic tile is that it can be used on a variety of surfaces with ease. However a person needs to keep in mind that the surface should be solid and clean. It would be advisable to put a cement layer to fix the tile properly.

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A person needs to have a sense of aesthetics for making the decorative tile look visually pleasing. The tiles need to match with the color of the flooring and wall of the kitchen. If a person is not sure about selecting the right type of kitchen tiles he can talk with an interior designer. The web is a very good resource for finding various types of tiles that can be used in kitchen and other areas of a house. Many companies sell the tiles online and they have online catalogues where people can see the products and compare them side by side.


Glass kitchen tile backsplash


Rustic kitchen tiles


Stone mosaic tiles, Natural Stone


Mixing small and larger kitchen tiles in a stack bond variation pattern

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