Mirrors And Lights As Bathroom Decor

Do you feel that the bathroom looks a bit drab and dull; lacking any accents or highlights and brings down the overall ambience of your otherwise beautifully furnished home? Then maybe it is time for you to renovate or makeover your bathroom to a sparkling and shining bathroom with beautiful mirrors that look great with power lighting. If your bathroom is small, do away with all heavy looking cabinets and space occupying basins, shelves, dark curtains and heavy looking furniture. Go for floating basins, shelves and wall mounted cabinets and mirrors. Get online and check for sleek looking faucets and glass shelves, cabinets, backlit mirrors and other options that will make your bathroom spacious and beautiful.

Having mirrored cabinets can double the overall lighting effect in the bathroom. Even if the window or skylight is not very big, natural light along with reflected light from the various mirror surfaces will do away with any dark corners in the bathroom. Choose the wall color from a variety of whites, creams, pale yellows or beige to add more to the spacious look. If you are going for new vanities, check out smaller size options and check for vanities that come with matching cabinets. A simple vanity, a matching cabinet with mirrored door, and a medicine shelf again with mirrored door may give a sophisticated look to your bathroom. Built -in mirrors and back lit mirrors can be used which along with a task light will make applying makeup a pleasure.

Recessed lighting, wall sconces and wall lighting in pairs on either side of the mirrors are options you should remember when you are planning your bathroom makeover. And keep the accessories that will go well with the lights and mirrors. But keep them to a minimum. If you feel the walls are bare, have a small size moisture proof wall decal for a stunning decorative effect. Look at the lovely mirrors with a pair of lights and simple and elegant faucets and matching accessories. The simple and elegant look is achieved with beautiful mirrors and perfect lighting!

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hart mirror cabinet2

hart mirror cabinet



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