Mini Moderns rug collection

Searching  for a playroom rug that’s a bit different, looks plush and comfortable rather than nylon-y, isn’t too large, or too cute, or too expensive or there again too cheap. Fortunately there’s a new rug player in town.

It’s increasingly hard to keep up with the Mini Moderns boys’ output (there’s new wallpaper, mugs, cushions) but their new hand-tufted 100% wool rug collection – in collaboration with RugDesigner – is one to spend a bit of time perusing. Each rug is made to order from [email protected] and costs £495 for a 1m x 2m rug.

We particularly like the fact they’ve gone outside their core collection designs to include quirky offerings such as the Owl and Balloon (pictured above). The other nine designs are pictured below… Now, which one to choose?


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