Mediterranean In Your Home

Mediterranean In Your Home – If you are attracted by wooden furniture, with a visible traces of the old ages, warm textures, the color of the blue summer sky, and stone details, than the Mediterranean style is right for you. This style is relaxing, comfortable, rustic and attractive to lots of people.

The beauty of this style is that it teleported your home in some Mediterranean paradise in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal or any other Mediterranean country. To achieve the look of Mediterranean, very important feature in your interior would be terracotta Spanish tiles, with their warm, natural colors. Beside of the colors of walls and floors, choose carefully textiles for upholstery, curtains, rugs, throws… Our suggestions would be deep sea blue, earthy colors of terracotta, yellows, rust, even lavender.


Another distinctive details in Mediterranean interior are wooden beams on the ceiling (real or fake) and Spanish floor tiles. You should consider decorative mosaics, various tones of stones, which both can have a contemporary look. You can use a real stone or even some cheaper replacements which will give you a similar effect.

Mediterranean style is rich in textures that come from various materials. It is often to combine wooden furniture with stone or glass, and you can feel free to experiment with textures on the walls, floors, ceiling and textiles and decoration.
Synonym for Mediterranean culture is spending a lot of time with family and friends. The main goal is to achieve a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. There is nothing like a beautiful Mediterranean style sitting area in your garden.

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Who wouldn’t like to have a Mediterranean paradise at home? You can seek for an inspiration in subtle Italian villa or some contemporary Spanish apartment to create place for yourself and your family where everybody can enjoy and relax.













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