Marie Olsson Nylander House

A fabulous house called Marie Olsson Nylander House designed by a Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander. When Marie and her husband bought this shabby 1970’s villa, they decided to open up the entire lower floor and tore off the ceiling in order to create an open floor plan. Their home is full of stories and coziness — and wonderful peculiarities. Even though the villa’s interior now features many characteristics popular in Swedish interiors it also is truly unique.

The home is filled with vintage furniture and elements of decor that stand out on pure white backgrounds. All these things are mostly in buying and in selling cheap but make a beautiful and comfortable interior full of stories.

Of course there are also furniture pieces that were bought in IKEA and other hi-tech stuff that nobody can live without nowadays. Although all these modern stuff don’t change the mood of the interior.

The middle of the living room showcases this gorgeous worn iron staircase that takes you to the second floor of the house. They bought it from an architectural firm in southern Sweden.









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