Mango Wood Sustainable Furniture

Mango Wood Sustainable Furniture – Mango wood is a type of wood that comes from mango trees. You might think that this makes in an environmentally unfriendly wood, but actually it is usually harvested in large batches which reduces the energy needed to harvest the wood in the first place.

The mango trees grow very quickly compared to other woods used to make furniture traditionally like oak which means that the time from planting the tree to having the furniture piece in your home is far quicker. This also means that supply can very quickly grow to meet demand should the need arise.


The trees are fairly large, growing at around 5 foot in diameter, meaning it is very easy to produce the large pieces needed to make solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is always much more reliable that flat pack furniture for example and while the price tag is usually more, the investment proves itself in the furniture’s longevity.

Mango wood is available in both light and dark finishes. This fantastic solid wood is a very popular choice for living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. Because the pieces are made from real wood, no two are the same in the patterns that appear.

Mango wood furniture goes with many different styles. It can be used in both contemporary and modern homes – simply style the pieces with different accessories to make them fit.

Because the color of the wood features a slightly pink-red pigment, colors from this palette complement the furniture really well as well as similar strong color such as turquoise and dark blue.

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The main downside of mango wood is that is can be susceptible to fungus when growing however by choosing a reputable stockist of mango wood furniture with a guarantee on their mango wood furniture pieces, you can rest assured that if there does turn out to be a fault with your piece, that you can exchange it.








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