Making Different Parts of Your Home Festive for Christmas

Christmas decorating is all about the experience your guests have when they enter your home this festive season. This is one of the main reasons why you should start your Christmas decorating process as early as the hallway, rather than focusing on the rooms that are deeper into the house. The minute the door opens is the time to start making a visual impact!
The hallway essentially acts as a trailer for what follows in the rest of the house – it is an introduction to your visual theme, and will give your guests some form of expectation regarding your decorative theme. What better time than this to set the tone for festivity and fun? Remember, your home is not a shopping center, and impersonal, plastic decorations don’t have to be your only option. Go for quirky, handmade, or even just unique, and transform your home into a Christmas wonderland according to your individual taste!

A tree is a must
The central point of any Christmas display is, of course, the Christmas tree. It is often placed in the living room, as this is generally (second only to the kitchen!) the area in the home where people are most likely to meet. What Christmas tree decorations you use will be up to you and the visual effect you are trying to create. If you are not a fan of bells and baubles, keep going! There are so many options out there, from store-bought décor to handmade items, and even food, like biscuits, that can be used as decorations, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you.

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Wait – food can double up as décor?
Absolutely – in fact, some families even have a tradition of baking cookies to decorate and use specifically as decorations! There are many other food items that you can choose from to create visual interest in your displays – strings of sweeties, gorgeous bowls+ of deep brown nuts, candied fruit and even a beautiful cake on display can all add to the feeling of festivity and celebration in a room.

How do we use the décor to include natural design elements in the room?
There are many design features in a room that can end up being used as focal points in a design, like windows, fireplaces, and other deciding features in the architecture. These features often benefit from being framed in some or other way. Whether you use garlands, streamers, plant material, tinsel or even ribbons, make sure that you create a bold frame for the architectural feature, and you’ll be amazed at how it pops!
You can also bring in a bit of color using wreaths, garland, flowers and other natural materials in your display. Don’t forget the stockings at the fireplace – that is a great solution to incorporate some color.
Don’t forget the bathroom!
Although you may think of the bathroom as a functional space more than a decorative one, you won’t believe how effective a well-decorated and themed bathroom is at furthering your décor scheme in the home over Christmas. From simple changes like a hand towel in festive colors, to something more exotic, like sparkly Christmas lights around the mirror, even a small tweak to “the usual” can bring about enough visual change to really make an impact. If you are really stumped for ideas, consider adding a new indoor plant to the bathroom, and if you are feeling inspired, why not decorate the plant while you’re at it? After all, who doesn’t love a miniature Christmas tree.

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Create atmosphere with warmth
Built in fireplaces are less common in newer builds, but if you are one of the lucky few to still have such a feature in your home, you can use it to achieve great things with your décor – over and above creating heat! The natural focal point means that you can max out decorations to max out your impact, so add garlands, ribbons and ornaments to your heart’s desire for a lush and homely effect. This is your last stop to make a huge display according to your own taste, and to treat your guests to a visual feast during the festive season!

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