Making An Illusion Of Larger Bathroom Using Tiles Design

Designing a small bathroom sometimes can be difficult job. You need to think carefully about the color scheme or furniture to use. You also need to minimize the use of accessories or other items to avoid clutter. Nevertheless, designing a small bathrooms can be very simple. You only need to focus on one element to make great changes. Tile is one important element you can focus to make your bathroom look more spacious. By adding the right tiles, you can create the illusion of larger bathroom space. Besides, changing the tile designs can be a low-cost solution to improve the look of your bathroom.

There are many tile design ideas you can apply these days. When browsing the Internet, you will find hundreds of tiles designs from which to choose. This can be a time-consuming task especially if you don’t know a particular design to apply. To help you overcome this problem, below are some ideas to help you create the look of larger bathroom:


1. The first thing you have to consider is the type of tile to use. Nowadays, tiles are available in all shapes and made of several different materials. Homeowners prefer ceramic tiles since they are functional. For those who want to have sturdy tiles, glass tiles are good choice. Meanwhile, mosaic tiles are also perfect since they are water resistant.

small-bathroom1 small-bathroom3

Quarry tiles look nice but unfortunately, they are not really resistant to moisture. If you decide to tile your bathroom with ceramic, make sure that you have budgeted enough for it. These tiles can be very expensive since they offer good quality. To overcome this problem, you can limit the coverage area. You can also shop around on the Internet in case you find some items at a more affordable price.

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white-tiles bathroom-small

2. Use light colored tiles. Light colored tiles would be perfect to make your bathroom look larger. Ceramic tiles with light colors will reflect light and the result is that your space looks wider. You can use the right lighting and mirrors to make it more effective.

3. Since mosaic tile design is more popular these days, you may consider using this for your bathroom. This type of tile will gives the best result especially if you choose one with a bright color. Mosaic tile offers you a more creative option since people typically focus on a plain tile design for their small bathroom.


Mosaic glass tiles, Rex Cerart, Italy

4. The same color scheme. For shower tiles, it would be better to use the same color. The same color scheme will give an interesting result for the overall look. The theme can be different but make sure that you use the same color. The same color will give the effect that your bathroom is endless.


White bathroom tiles, design by Feldman Architecture

Designing small bathrooms can be a difficult task if you don’t know the tricks. However, it can be easier to do once you have found an element to accentuate. By emphasizing the tiles, you can make great changes to the overall look.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! These tiles are beautiful! very soft and elegant. I’m looking for ceramic tiles for remodeling my bathroom, and I fell in love with these designs!


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