Make Your Walls Look Fabulous

Nobody likes a simple white wall. It looks ’empty’ – just like the ones in hospitals and make you feel blue. That’s why, humans have always the desire to decorate a simple room and make it more cozy, attaching things that they like on the walls. From posters to famous paintings, from hand-made pictures to personal photos, your home will become happier and welcoming, the very first moment you hang something on your walls.

For everyone is a challenge to decorate a room. There are some ideas about how it should look an amazing wall in your home. Look at these ten of the most beautiful and creative wall design:

1. Watercolors wall. If you want to put your fingerprint on your wall and customize your home, you can easily use watercolors to make your own painting. Your house will look amazing and everybody will appreciate your creativity and of course your artistic side. You can do this in any room of your home. And will surely put a smile on your face every morning.

2. Personalize the baby’s room. A very important moment in a mom’s life is the day she gets to prepare her baby’s room. And, you don’t get to do the furniture because it has to be safe but you can customize it buy putting a hand-made thing above the crib. And, what could be more inspiring for your little one than a picture made by you. An amazing idea is a picture with you holding him. And you will have a surprise when you’ll see your baby resembles a lot with the one in the picture.

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3. The eclectic mode. If you love an eclectic style and you have more than one picture that you consider that it has to be hung on your wall, you can try to fit them all. But, you should only choose one of the walls, so the house wouldn’t look to loaded. If you put on the wall different pictures with different ideas your home will have a unique point of view.

4. Make your own travel map. Wall is a very nice place to put your post cards. Start collecting them and after that, create a display and put them on your wall. You’ll have your personal map with the places you visited and your friends will know the destinations that they could ask you about.

5. The welcome sign. You can prove that a welcome sign it doesn’t only has to stay on your front porch. It fits perfectly even in your living room. And, think about all the smiles you will collect from your visitors. That will make your home not only look welcoming but yet cozy and unique. And, you can do it yourself and decorate it as you wish.

6. The comic book wall. Everyone of us had a favorite comic book when we were little. Imagine if you can hang your favorite page on your wall. You just have to find them and frame them. It will not only make your remember your childhood but it will be a nice picture for your children too. And, you will have plenty of stories to tell them, because comic book stories are the ones you will never forget.

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7. The cityscape. If you’re in love with your city, a picture with the most famous place should be hung on a wall from your home. It will make your house look fancy and it will remember you of your heart-city even if you have to move somewhere else.

8. Boxes in the wall. Another awesome idea is very simple to make and gives your wall a stylish look: boxes. Remember when you had to do them at school? It’s easier to put them on your wall. You can use different colors to fill them and they will be the perfect place for other nice things as family pictures or frills.

9. The paneled piece. For a stylish and unique look of your home, you can choose a piece that’s paneled. Those pieces of art always look good on a wall, and cover most part of it. They are also appreciated and for you there’s not a lot of work to do.

10. Graffiti wall. If you are a graffiti lover, there is your chance to demonstrate your talent. And, you don’t have to be afraid about the cups catching you because you own this propriety. Just make sure your inmate knows about your idea.

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