Make Your Own Wall Clock

Make Your Own Wall Clock – How to make an interesting wall clock? Here are few ideas – you just have to choose your favorite design and have a fun. No matter if you need a wall clock for children’s room, bedroom or sitting room, make you own design and have a fun making it. All ideas that we will give you are very simple and easy to make. Each of them have one thing in common – the only thing you need is the mechanism taken out from some old clock, all the rest are details that you can customize.

1. Perfect minimalism
The minimalistic interior can be decorated with simple clock with very subtle clock hands. Set up only important numbers (usually 3, 6, 9 and 12) and the others mark with dots, dashes or similar. Design and material can vary as you wish (wood, metal…)


2. Clock as the memory keeper

Print twelve favorite photographs and put them around the clock instead of numbers. Put the clock mechanism in the middle, and photos around it. Be careful to put the photos on the right place so they will show the hours precisely. If you wish you may put the frame around each photo, which will make them more attractive. If you have a solid-color wall, choose the frames in different colors and shapes. If you have a wallpapers on the walls, it will be better to pick more neutral-looking frames.


3. Retro dominoes

We are sure that you never before thought to use the domino tiles in this way. Pick domino tiles that show numbers 1 – 12 and set them around the old clock mechanism and hands. It can be done so you can glue them on some sort of holder and then your clock can be hanged on the wall. Also they can be set up directly on the wall. Whichever way to display it you choose the result will be excellent and everyone will love your DIY clock.

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4. Lego clock

Amaze children with a handmade Lego clock and, even better, include them into the making process. You will need a Lego board and some of Lego fantastic figures to stick to the board. The kids will adore it and some parents may be reminded of their childhood. This clock can be a perfect present.


5. A good joke

Not glamorous at all, this clock is fun and will fit any interior designed in an industrial style. Various plastic spoons and forks in different colors stick to the clock mechanism and you can be sure it will be an eye-catcher in any room.


… and several other ideas:




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