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Walls and floors get all the attention when it comes to redecorating. Sure, ceilings usually get a nice coat of paint, but after that, they’re generally ignored. A fun way to perk up boring ceilings is to decorate them with unique items that normally would not be associated with decorating – let alone a ceiling. Hundreds of people have already decorated ceilings in the past with mirror tiles or carpet, but those days are over. It’s time to rip down the carpet, put on a fresh coat of paint and get started with some unconventional ways of fancying up your ceilings.

In a bathroom you can get fish net and staple, tack or glue it to the ceiling, then hang small starfish and shells on the netting. If you have a sea theme in your bathroom already, try gluing dozens of different sized shells directly to the ceiling.


Use them in their natural color, or paint different shells various colors. Among the shells you can put an occasional sea horse or starfish and if you don’t have real ones, look at a craft department for clay ones. Also amongst the shells you can put fake coins, costume jewelry or a chunk of beach glass. A simpler, but unique look for a bathroom ceiling is to glue linoleum or tiles.


For a teen girl room, attach a couple of pair of jeans to the ceiling, along with T-shirts, jewelry, belts, bandanas, scarves, caps and even old sneakers. They can be arranged in shapes of people, or just affix them randomly across the ceiling. Or, junk up the ceiling by giving the items a strewn look, like a bedspread covered in clothes, stacks of notebooks, pencils, candy wrappers, soda cans, tipped over, of course, and a small trash can with wads of paper around it. Notebooks, stacks of paper, or old school books will have to be completely glued shut before affixing them to the ceiling.

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A boys room can be done in a similar messy manner, or you can attach a plastic baseball bat, football, soccer ball, and other sports items. You could also use foam shapes to spell out words like “soccer”, “football” or “basketball”, rather than hang the actual items. Or, place a set of train tracks around the ceiling, attach the engine and a few cars, then beside the tracks can be model cars, spare parts, miniature trees, logs or bridges, and other scenery.



For the nursery, attach stuffed animals, foil stars or other objects onto fishing twine or glitter cord and dangle them from the ceiling at different lengths. Or, use stickers of baby Disney characters or baby buggies, bottles and pacifiers and attach them to the ceiling. Use your imagination to come up with even more ideas for the other rooms of your house.

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