Luxury In The Bathroom With Bathroom TV’s

The idea of having a bathroom TV may seem like bit of a luxury and the type of thing you only get to see in movies or on MTV, but they are actually quite assessable. For safety’s sake you must make sure that you buy a bathroom TV which is designed purely for the job of providing you with entertainment in the steamiest room in the home.

There are different sized televisions to suit any size of bathroom in your home. The smallest bathroom TV ranges from just 15” which are perfect to have built into the wall at the end of your bath. If you have a great deal of room in your bathroom then you could afford to go for a larger television screen. The biggest bathroom TV is an impressive 42”, which is ideal if you love the idea of watching movies or even sports while taking a relaxing bath at the end of a busy day.

Waterproof Technology

In order to cope with the steam of the bathroom and the dangers of water the bathroom TVs are built to be completely waterproof. This means that they are able to be used even in the wettest room in the home. The speakers will also be waterproof, and should you wish to have external speakers you will need to make sure that they are waterproof also.


Latest Bathroom TVs

You can expect everything from your bathroom TV that you would with any television. The latest models are flat screen, and use LCD technology which provides you with a crisp, clear and bright resolution. The bathroom TV will be HD ready and have built in Freeview with a digital tuner which will give you access to fifty channels and meets the requirements for the digital switch over.

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The SPLASH 17.1-inch widescreen water resistant LCD TV is a marvel of modern technology for the bathroom. It features a touch sensitive power and standby button, an iPod/mp3 player docking station, a heated screen to prevent condensation and a 176-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle. You can purchase the SPLASH TV in black, white or a number of pastel shades.

In order to prevent the screen from getting misty, the bathroom TV will come with a heated screen. Condensation need not get in the way of your viewing pleasure. You are able to have it wall mounted or embedded into your bathroom wall.

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