Luxury Home Elements

Luxury Home Elements – Many people feel that in order to have a luxury home you have to have a house, condominium or a penthouse. That is not the case being that a luxury home can include a bungalow, a log cabin or even a two-bedroom apartment. There are many decorating and remodeling ideas an individual can attempt, while living in an apartment home. The first thing to do is to describe what type of living space is included in an apartment home. An apartment home is normally constructed into mini-garden flats or suites. Many apartment homes contain the following: wall to wall carpeting, a nice spacious kitchen, a garden room, living room with an eat-in dining area, 1-2 bedrooms usually with 1-2 bathrooms and walk-in closet space.


The kitchen area may contain a breakfast nook with marble flooring. The spacious garden room or sunroom has a room filled with windows decorated in mini blinds or curtains. This room may also contain marble flooring, with a ceiling fan. This can be converted into a dining room or a person can turn it into an indoor botanical garden room.

The living room will have a spacious black-colored fireplace against white walls. This gives it a sophisticated feel. On each side of the fireplace may contains window columns. The dining room contains a beautiful chandelier.


The master bedroom is large and contains a large window overlooking the yard of the apartment home complex. Some apartment homes contain large master bedroom suites that have sliding glass doors that lead to a balcony where breakfast is served.

The guest room and the master bedroom will both have walk in closet space. The guest room can be converted into a café. Yes, a person can have a café within their home (off the kitchen, of course). This café can contain a coffee maker or a cappuccino machine along with a rack filled with your favorite magazine issues and your favorite books. A café will not be complete without your computer with wireless internet access. Make sure that everything is spill-proof. Place a large mat around the coffee area and serve family and guests with spill-proof coffee mugs.

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The master bathroom suite normally contains a tub/shower, toilet with marble flooring and a Jacuzzi-style bathtub. This master bathroom has a vanity on the outside of the bathroom with a mother and daughter sink, which is generally a luxury in an apartment home. The second bathroom is larger than the master bathroom, but it is also fit for a queen to use.







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