Luxurious Leather Rugs By Pachamama

Luxurious rugs collection from Italian rug manufacturer Pachamama, it’s a brand new circle leather rugs. Pachamama rugs add warmth and dimension to both contemporary and traditional environments and can be coordinated with different styles given the vast range of designs.

Pachamama using the finest leathers to create these high quality rugs, uniting creative flair and artisan craftsmanship, and combining avant-garde design with the most ethereal magic: this is how birth was given to Pachamama. These rugs collection could give a different interior decorating style of your home.

Pachamama leather carpets and rugs have an integral felt backing with 5 cm perimeter leather border and four rear corner openings to facilitate wall hanging, floor or wall covering.

pachamama 260109 02


pachamama 260109 07

pachamama 260109 04


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