Love Gipsy Style!

Gypsy decorating generally includes bohemian, Moroccan, Indian, hippie, vintage or beatnik influence, or some combination of the above. It creates an eclectic or even eccentric atmosphere, while keeping it rich and warm at the same time. Create your own gypsy hideaway with unique items that are ornate, funky and colorful. To pull it off successfully, you will need a good eye for color, a bit of wild abandon, and a taste for eclectic surroundings.

If you are looking to capture the gypsy vibe for your home, apartment, dorm room, or even the back of a van or camper, here are a few gypsy decor tips and pics to give you some ideas. Let your imagination run wild!

Textiles. Jewel tones are essential to the gypsy decorating style. Jewel tones are bright colors with high saturation like turquoise, ruby, sapphire, amber, emerald and amethyst. Create a rich setting with velvety, textured fabrics and colorful brocade. Don’t worry about matching your fabrics; an eclectic variety is key. Layer multiple types of fabric draped over a rod for window treatments. Hang lengths of fabric from the ceiling and tie loose knots in them halfway down to divide a room or surround furniture. Fabric ornamented with lace, fringe or trim can also be used in gypsy decor. Cover the floors with antique, Persian or other intricately patterned rugs.

Furniture. Stick to low, casual seating like love seats and ottomans. Antique furniture modified with new velvet or brocade fabric coverings or draped with lace helps create the eclectic gypsy feel. Surround your bed or an antique settee or bench with fabric curtains that can be drawn; a hanging bed canopy can be used. Ornately painted furniture in an Indian style, such as a chest or wardrobe, also complements a gypsy theme. Accent your furniture with decorative or brocade pillows and place cushions on the floor for more casual seating.

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Ornamentation. An important aspect of gypsy interior decorating is that everything is ornamental and embellished. Use tassels, embroidery, metallic braid edging, small bells, strings of beads and other ornamentation to dress up everyday items into gypsy-inspired pieces. Glue fake gems onto mirrors and picture frames, hang bead strings and costume jewelry along with your drapes, and add braid edging to upholstered furniture.

Accessories. Complete your gypsy decorating with a variety of eclectic accessories. Arrange clusters of colored or antique glass jars, bottles and vases on trays and place lace coverings on top of dressers, chests and shelves. Hang chandeliers, silk or paper globe lanterns, and punched tin or ornate glass pendant lights. String lights liberally across the room. Add colorful prayer flags, Indian- or Eastern-inspired art and ornamental mirrors with artistic metal or mosaic frames.



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