Logs Bring A Rustic Decor To Your Home

Logs Bring A Rustic Decor To Your Home – The fall is the season when people buy firewood. However, if you have some pieces of wood left from the previous season, you can use them in a very creative ways. Logs can really impress with their look, and a little of varnish and colors and even some embellishments will convert them into a work of art. You can play to infinity and constantly find new shapes for decorating any home. When you buy your wood, put the beautiful pieces aside, because you may need them for an interesting DIY projects that will bring warmth and rustic style to your home.

Some people use a bunch of stumps and turn them into pieces of furniture, and wood logs also can be used to make a modern and useful items for your home such as candlesticks, vases, wooden lamps, handrails on stairs, etc.


Create an original table for living room or bedroom of an old stump that you left to lay in the yard. Whether you choose a few stumps of different height and volume and use them instead of the classic coffee table in the living room, or you need a nightstand next to the bed, the decision is yours. You can preserve the natural color and texture of the wood, and you can process the stool to get a smooth surface, and then paint, all or only partially.

Logs bring a rustic decor to your home. The wood log can be turned into a table lamp. So, find a shade that you like, or you can use the old lamp and lamp shade, and then drill the hole through the log for a cable for electricity and fastened all together.

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You can use the logs for a pavement in your garden. They need to be cut into circles, which you should lay down in the sand next to each other and get charming path on which for your garden. To make it more durable, the logs can be coated with lacquer.






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