Lluvia Wine Cellar

Wine cellar or wine rack can prove to be a best decor one’s home in its own unique style. Wine theme kitchen decor or wine cellar for wine rooms can change look of home. Intended to be multi-functional with single units joined in a variety of patterns for different purposes including magazine holders and decor as well as the mini home cellar. The steel cables project an industrial feel to your home’s interior, however substituting ropes and a natural wood finish may lend some nautical inspiration to storing / displaying wine bottles in your kitchen or at the bar area.

If one is preparing to buy wine holder or wine rack or wine cellar then Lluvia wine cellar can be a best choice. You can hold wine bottles in stylish way with Lluvia wine cellar. In fact, this wine cellar can lend home an air of elegance & charm. Wine bottle home decor offers inexpensive & practical way of making home look fantastic. One can station it in living room corner or near one’s designer table or sofa so that every one can admire it.

With growing needs of day to day living, people choose best entities blessed with multiple functions from gadgets to furniture, gluttony for ones with enhanced function! Lluvia wine cellar designed by Edgar Navarro is a marvelous wine holder. This versatile unit gets the idea from water drop module.


Bent wood design, made from selected American eco-wood, produces an effect of continuity. Wine rack can be used as a functional unit as well as attractive home decor item. It can be turned into wine cellar as well as magazine rack. Later, it can better work as space divider. Lluvia comes with numerous possibilities to turn one’s house into a convenient place.


Unique module produce different compositions from flower to pyramid. Wine zealot or lover knows that ultimate way to collect & store wines is in wine cellar or wine room. These places are designed specially for storage & aging of wine in best possible storage conditions.

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Wines stored properly and safely in wine cellars, can last decades longer. Luxury home plans often include wine cellar but many home designs can adapt some space to create or put wine cellar to meet the demand!! Get one of these Lluvia wine cellars and enjoy parties with friends and find secure place for one’s wine collection.

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