Living Room Designs 2017

Living Room Designs 2017 – Living room designs 2017 consist of several key elements that include furniture, walls texture or design, lighting, TV/audio system placement, curtains and rugs usage and more. Choosing an appropriate color combination for living room is not an easy job as interior designer needs to complement color with other areas of the house.

Minimalism in living room designs is becoming increasingly popular. The minimalist style helps to make living room more elegant, without over-filling it with furniture and accessories. Using the basic criteria of minimalist living room, you can create a very pleasant and beautiful home environment.

Minimalist style in living room designs is very close to the Scandinavian style, but more rigorous and concise. Everything must be interpreted by simplicity, avoiding eccentric color schemes.


Retro approach. The retro vibe can be felt not only in the chairs and furniture collections but also at other design elements like the lighting solutions and lamps are not spared from the inspiration wave coming from the past. Fantastic furniture pieces inspired by 60’s, lamp shades from 70’s, retro clocks, eclectic collections of vases and more … you’ll love in your home!

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Rustic home style. At the top of popularity will be a rustic style that in 2017 will combine the simplicity and functionality, the bright colors (shades of red, blue, green and yellow) and unexpected details of home decoration borrowed from other styles: photographs and collages in retro style, high-tech technologies and ethnic life items.


Modular furniture system. It  is another interior design trend for the future – called from necessity and creativity and enabled by the modern technology the modular systems offer not only functionality but also playful spirit and upgrading ingenuity.

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Modular sofa designed for Moroso

Modular sofa designed for Moroso – With components like stools, tables, coat racks, containers, shelves, screens, work surfaces, and seats, Bikini Island has you covered in regard of any home necessity that may occur in contemporary interior design.

Inspired by nature. People are looking to surround themselves with objects that ground a space and bring them back to nature, reviving a sense of balance to their lives. It includes more organic shapes and textures by way of raw and unfinished wood, natural fabrics like wool and linen and the use of materials like cork. House plants will remain popular into the next year as well. Handmade ceramics will also continue to trend with soft curved shapes and organic form in even utilitarian objects.

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