Living Near the Forest: How to Be Prepared

Forests are full of little critters just waiting to get into your house, which is why it pays to be prepared if you are moving near to one for the first time.Wild animals can be a problem, from the mess they make becoming a public health concern,to the diseases they carry being a threat to both you and your family. Below we have outlined some general tips and tricks to help safeguard your family against the invasion of critters just waiting to find out what you had for dinner.

Have a Removal Service On Standby

Before even considering a move close to any area which has pest animals, you’ll need to know whether there is a reputable pest removal company available nearby. For example, in the Toronto region, there are services like SWAT Wildlife. Swat Wildlife Services humanely remove critters from your home in case of an invasion, and they can also help you set up protective measures to aid in prevention.

Always have a source on hand that follows the correct procedures and humanely deals with any animals. Never risk yourself by trying to remove them yourself as this can lead to aggression and/or injury to you or your family. Remember that this also applies to setting traps. Never set makeshift traps, as this may lead to injury.

Secure Outdoor Refuse Correctly

If one thing is for certain, it’s that forest critters love our trash. To prevent your trash cans from becoming a victim of abuse, it helps to have the correct equipment on hand. Pest-proof trash cans are a necessity when living in affected areas. Always make sure you give your cans a wash once in a while to remove any excess smells that can attract pests.

Spraying ammonia and other commercial repellents is a great way to ward off animals. Make sure you wear the correct personal protective equipment when handling chemicals. When using cans with lids, make sure you secure them properly to make it harder for the intruders to access.

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Secure Your House Properly

The last thing any of us want is pests getting into our homes, especially if we have children, pets, or people at risk, such as elderly or pregnant people. This is why taking steps to pest-proof your house is especially important. You may want to consider the following:

  • Make sure you check every room in your home for cracks and openings and have them repaired
  • Always make sure your kitchen and dining areas are clean of any food or waste, as these can attract pests
  • For those installing pet doors, using microchip entrances makes it almost impossible for critters to get through compared to regular flap or magnetic installations
  • Maintain your roof to prevent mice and squirrels from nesting
  • In case of infestation, make sure you call someone to trap and remove them as early as possible

So, now that your house is sealed tight against those furry invaders, you can live at peace knowing that you and your family are safe from infestation.

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