Living In The Loft

Lofts are very popular. Not only the young and trendy these areas considered the coolest places on earth, but even older couples love loft living and interior designs of these open spaces. Loft has become symbols of hip, modern, urban lifestyle. Usually, loft is a large unpartitioned space over a factory or warehouse or other commercial space.

But what are lofts? Are they just big open spaces? This is really – but this is the use of space that makes them so interesting. Sometimes it is a separate kitchen, bedroom or nursery … Many of these one large apartments are situated in former industrial buildings. But today they are built new, not just in cities but in small towns, too!

The spatial concept of expanding and contracting the volume of the loft allowed for big open spaces such as the living and dining areas. But, as consequent, comfy bedrooms and playrooms are smaller. There is no matter with that because owner wants the house like an art gallery. Who care about bedroom anyway, because we spend a lot of time in the living and dining areas?

Loft Kitchens

Make your kitchen ceiling looks good, even if you are single and do not use it much! With loft living, stainless steel appliances (or all black or all white), granite countertops eye-catching, good looking and solid wood, metal or smoked glass cabinets all add contemporary look and feel.

It’s really fun to cook in the kitchen wide open loft. You have a kitchen island for easy cooking. Usually sits on an island in the middle of the kitchen space, however, loftove, any plan can work well. Kitchen island helps to set the area and provide much needed space combat from all directions.

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If you add a kitchen island, you can select stock cabinets and laminate counters to save costs. But the kitchen really help with resale value …. why not build your own free-standing island with all the bells and whistles you want?









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