Living In A Loft Home

Do you like open concept living, soaring ceilings and spaces that you can define yourself? A lot of people dream of living in a loft home. The open spaces looks so amazing in movies and on television, and there are so many possibilities! Problems sometimes arise though once you get into your new surroundings. Not anything terrible mind you, just the realization that there really is a lot of space in some lofts, and most people have no idea about where to begin with loft interior design. Don’t worry about it. Just read on for some ideas and solutions!

Loft homes are hubs of artists, bachelors and elite professionals. They offer a wonderful refuge with liberal breathing space and infinite design possibilities.

The wide space inspires the occupants to think creatively and splurge on ideas for their next exhibits, their presentations for their upcoming client meetings and their long awaited speeches. It is quite critical that these urban havens be designed according to strict preferences and personality-based specifications. It must contain the trademark of a person who has already made or is striving to make a name for himself in the community. The functionality of loft interior design will actualize this goal.

Space and Structure

A typical loft is large and roomy with a high ceiling and full length double glazing window walls. There are structural columns that divide the space but they do not necessarily suggest the layout of the area. These columns can be utilized as partitions but they can also provide a rhythm of vertical lines that can add to the general theme of the interiors. They can be painted a striking color or a similar color as the walls and ceilings so that their massiveness can drown into the vastness of the space

Most ceilings are tall and exposed, allowing pipes and beams to be visible. This detail is a perfect addition to the otherwise bare and uninteresting structure of the ceiling. In lofts, it is better to incorporate the pipes and beams to the ceiling design than to treat them as separate entities, an eyesore, by hiding them and thus adjusting the height of the ceiling. They can be painted white or even black to create a unique disarray of lines and shapes.

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If you own a two-story loft, then do explore the design potentials presented around you. The stairs leading to the balcony can be the focal point of your entire space. You can have them cantilevered with irregularly shaped wood slabs or use metal poles from the ceiling to each step to create a unique and functional support as well as to emphasize the industrial effect of the space. The balcony rails can be of smoked glass or reflective metal sheets to create an uninterrupted illusion of space.

The bedroom can be exposed if you are not particular about privacy issues, but if you do want a separate sleeping area, then low-wall partitions or floor-to-ceiling folding panels can be used. If however, you decide to play with a semi-private design idea then frosted or textured glass is a very up-to-date alternative. Sheer curtains in contemporary design with a few yards of extra fabric cascading on the floor can be luxurious and artistic. A raised platform for the bed with cove lighting lining the perimeter can be a great option for the more open-minded occupants.

Loft Furniture Pieces

Lofts are generally spacious with minimal obstructions in the layout so the furniture pieces to be used should contribute to the openness of the space. They must be in neutral colors to blend with the rustic charm of the interiors or they can create an explosion of colors with bright red and velvety blue surprising the bare white walls and ceiling. Furniture pieces can serve as area dividers for separating interior spaces. Console tables can be placed in between the living room and the dining room. Free-standing closet cabinets can distinguish the bedroom from the adjoining living rooms.

Loft interior designs of the past have been tasteful but safe. Today, however, designs have been modified to suit the lifestyle of young professionals who know how to get down to business and when to spice up their lives with parties and gatherings. Since lofts resemble wide, high-ceilinged, industrial galleries, the furniture can be the art and sculptural pieces that they will showcase. If you want to entertain friends or business associates then you can bring them to your loft and show them the updated version of a straightforward androgynous design with an eclectic edge.

Furniture pieces from different design eras can be combined to set a cohesive effect. Scandinavian furniture pieces that are functional and sculptural can be mixed with streamlined wicker accent chairs and coffee tables. A Queen Anne wingchair with contemporary damask pattern can be paired with a low coffee table made of wood and steel legs. The glass dining table can be a backdrop for six dining chairs with mismatched designs. You may be worried by the entire style if you’re used to identical pieces of furniture, but wait until you see the visually stimulating effect when you walk into the front door. You will be thrilled at how distinct your loft will look, especially if you have carefully selected each design element inside. The grand spectacle before you is the end-result of your combined ingenuity and personal taste and a testament to modern interior design ideas!

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Loft Accessories

Carpets can define the space in an open layout. Placing a contemporary, plush carpet beneath the living room set identifies its function in comparison to the dining tables and chairs adjacent to it. You can use different art forms to personalize your loft. One eye-catching element is the modern droplight that can be low and imposing on the dining table below. Visible track lights and spotlights can illuminate the eclectic portraits or art pieces hung on the walls. A wrought iron, free-standing folding screen at the back wall of your dining area will bring interest without cluttering the space. Tall mirrors with chunky frames can be near the buffet tables or bookcases.








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