Living By The River: Activities You Could Get Involved With

Consider moving to a riverside if you don’t already. Located in Utah are the Weber River and Provo River. Some people move to City Park just to get closer to the river and engage with these activities. Utilize the benefits of living by the river by engaging with a variety of activities. These are activities that are more unique to rivers, but some may be available on water spots such as the beach or a lake.


The latest trend with water activities comes in the form of paddle boarding. Enjoy exercise without straining yourself. Travel along the river slower than a boat and take in the surroundings. The Weber River will have wildlife located in it. Look out for creatures of all different types, to have the best day you possibly can. Purchase a paddleboard nearby or rent one for the day. Enjoy a new hobby at the same time as exercising.

Fly Fishing

Find crystal clear streams and rivers that are filled with aquatic creatures. Search for trophy fish or smaller types of fish. It will depend on the type of water and river you’re fishing at. The rivers around Utah offer different experiences. Know that you should have an idea of what sort of fish you can catch beforehand. This will put you in the best position to fish the way you want to fish.

River Rafting

To get ahead of the heat during peak summer months, consider engaging with river rafting. Trust in the sport, as it’s more relaxing than you’d expect. Take the family down to the river for a day trip.

Seeking thrill? River rafting offers something for everyone. Explore white water rafting options here through Benloch Ranch. Find home options in Park City, located just a short distance from the Weber River.

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Understand that sailing offers something more tranquil. You can escape your life by cruising down open waters. Book a boat trip or bring down your boat. If you don’t want to sail, then you could look into excursions. Utilize a ship captain who can take you on a journey whilst you relax.

Sailing is a wonderful leisure activity. Enjoy peaceful holidays or weekend trips from getting involved with sailing. Consider sailing as a workout routine, which can help develop muscle strength and improve your cardiovascular health. This will happen if you take the reigns of the boat, and tackle the sails themselves.


Seek more adrenaline and excitement through kiteboarding. It is a mix of wakeboarding and paragliding. It allows you to fly across water on a board, speeding up to 40 miles per hour. Hold on to the kite as you soar across the open water. Consider working with an instructor before getting involved. Pick up the basics before embarking out with friends or family to maximize enjoyment.

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