Lighting – The Imperative Of A Healthy Living

One of the basic requirements needed to make a house a healthy and pleasant place to live is a good and natural lighting. The people usually considering houses and apartments with more natural light in more desirable to buying and living.

The living room

The ideal position of the living room of the apartment, which is exposed to light for a longer portion of the day. Since the living room is the place where the family spend a lot of time in relaxing time together, it would be ideal to have a plenty of a daylight. The living rooms that facing the North, North-East or North-West have a lot of sun in early morning hours, but getting darker about the 11 am.


In addition to the sun, you can play with interior lights – lamps and chandeliers. The luster as the main and most powerful light in the room is a substitute for the sun and provides a strong Yang light. Soft diffused light and lamps are preferred over the shelves, aquariums, atrium with flowers or Zen garden with furniture sets and sofas. Table lamp is inevitable beside a comfortable chair for reading.

Feng shui is based on the harmony and balance of high and low, strong and weak elements, plus and minus, respectively, yin and yang. Tall and strong light is yang, low and diffuse Yin. When the sunlight is strong off the lights, and if it is a cloudy day, open the curtains or switch on a lamp.

The dinning table

According to Feng shui, the dinning table represents the wealth of a family. How and what we eat is a graciousness, attitude and reputation of our home.


Above the table you must have a strong luster to illuminate the food with a Yang energy and increase the wealth of the food on table. Otherwise, the table with the dim light of the Yin is dark and not very cheerful. Food is a medicine, but also a poison if it is prepared and entered into the body without the will and in the rush.

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Decorated table and food served on a nice plates and cutlery beside, a fine details, always giving the impression the luxury and rich cuisine. Remember this little trick, and always try to enjoy the food prepared at home and eaten with your family.

The children’s room

Pay attention to the size of the window, because it affects the child’s development and entry into the life of ‘eyes open’. The choice of color is particularly important, and the dark colors are not recommended. Natural, bright and cheerful colors give a colorful range of emotions, joy, delight, the possibility of exposing the thoughts and unspoken words. However, avoid neon colors like yellow, green, pink or purple.


The electric lighting as a chandelier is required – thus it forms a highly focused and targeted awareness in children. The advice of pediatrician is to use the central light, so baby’s sight will be developed properly. Only at night is recommended diffuse light during feeding or changing clothes.

Lamps in children’s rooms are desirable. The small night lamp by the bed for a night if getting up, and on the desk for better learning and lack of distortion of vision.

The bedroom

Unfortunately, in the bedrooms and double bedrooms people often invest too little effort due to the assumption that in them one needs only a bed and a lamp, which is not true. The bedroom has carried out the most important moments. The bedroom is the place to relaxing the body, to developing of inner peace, and sharing love with your partner. Primarily it needs to have a window in order to purify the air and into fresh Chi energy.

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The light in a bedroom can be emphasized through the colors. Always choose the color of the sun, life, love, and a bit of earth (orange, yellow, red, purple or red wine color). Pink, and pink with details of the earthy colors is an excellent choice for the walls, bedding, and also night pajamas and ladies underwear.


Forget the colors that are similar to metal and water (blue, black, gray, gold, silver etc.). Water extinguishes the flames of love, and the metal cutting it. If the room is all in blue tones you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in the middle of the ocean in a small boat that all night rocking on the waves. A dim light is always an element of seduction. The lamps always go in pairs on either side of the bed the one. Diffuse light suppose to help you to have a better communication with your partner, not to read the book.

The bedroom is for relaxing, sleeping and making love. We have one word of advice – avoid the lamps made of the metal. Choose the gentler materials like crystal, glass, wood and soft shade. Candles of various colors and aroma lamps with light scented candles and essential oils are a special magic in the main bedroom.

Enjoy the delights of sun light and decorative lightning in your apartment and you will be happy and cheerful!


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