Let Your Hobbies Improve Your Home Decoration

Let Your Hobbies Improve Your Home Decoration – Never underestimate the importance of any hobbies you may have when it comes to decorating your home, as these pastimes of yours could give you valuable inspiration during the planning stages. After all, decorating your home is about showing your personality through your living space, and your hobbies also show aspects of your personality. Don’t be afraid to show parts of yourself through the decoration of your home. If you can’t show who you really are in your own home, where can you?

No matter your hobby there is a way to decorate a rooms theme around it. For instance, if you are into local history you can always check out the library for historical pictures and photo copy them as art work for the walls.


It will be your own creativity when choosing the frame as well for your picture. You also can choose older pieces of wood items to display in the rooms decor to bring that historical feel to life.

If your passion is sewing and embroidery, you can put up your own needlework on the walls as artwork and embroider your cushions. Cats, dogs, Alaskan winters – whatever it is that you feel passionately about can be brought into the decor of your home and used to inspire you. If you love fall season, you can decorate your home in fall shades, use stencils of fall leaves to bring interest to your walls and hang scenes of fall splendor around the walls to remind you of this wonderful time of year.

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embroidery1 picture-frames

Area rugs may not be able to fit your theme to the “T” but you can always choose a color which is provided in your design to tie it in with. Texture to a rug is a great idea if your room is a specific theme such as a rugged look or a softer, cozier feel. Area rugs are a great versatile piece which can be used over and over if chosen correctly.

Your personality should shine through from the decor of a room and your hobbies and pastimes are part of that personality. Draw inspiration from the aspects of your life that make your heart beat faster, that you make extra time for, that you really feel strongly about.


Kelly Rae Roberts’ Art Pieces as Home Decor

Of course, if you are a fan of cats there is no need to fill your room with china examples or photos of every single one of Mr. Mufty’s ancestors, but carefully chosen and positioned artwork can bring this aspect of your personality to the fore so that visitors will see it immediately without being overpowered by it.


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