Late Summer Home Decor Tips

Late Summer Home Decor Tips – Home decor accessories for late summer homes may look fantastic but the leaves beginning to curl at the edges is accompanied with a desire to add some fall vigor to our interior design.

The good news is that our homes can evolve from late summer to fall without too much cost, bother or complication.

Orange blankets

As we are far from being fully entrenched in fall yet in this seasonal ‘transitional period’ it would be wise to keep most of our late summer décor trimmings and add a few snippets of fall to them. For example, keep all the pretty floral cushions that you were quick to cover your living room furniture with back in the spring but throw a fall blanket into the mix.

This will create a sense of seasonal change in your living room. The theme could be carried on into the bedroom by placing an orange blanket onto the ‘summer embellished’ bed.

Faux animal skin

There is nothing quite like faux animal skins to generate a cosy, warming feel. With the hot temperatures being far from over we certainly don’t want to go too overboard on the cosy décor but creating some layers by placing an animal rug on existing rugs and fabrics will add an element of texture. Such textural dimensions are perfect for these periods when we don’t want our home’s décor to be too slanted towards a particular season.

The fruit bowel

You’d be surprised at just how effective a fruit bowel can be in symbolising different moods and seasons. As early summer gives way to mid and late-summer, loading the fruit bowel with apples, pears, clementines, berries and nuts would bring another fall dimension to your home.

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Exchange wallpaper for paint

Your pretty floral wallpaper radiates freshness, summer and breeziness but is somehow looking a little overstretched right now. If you are serious about transitioning your home from summer to fall then replacing the flower-patterned wallpaper with a warm-colored paint would be an effective solution.


Or perhaps if scraping off all the wallpaper sounds a tad dramatic why not focus solely on one wall? Painting a wall orange, yellow, rust, brown or dark green would add a hint of seasonal change to your home without being too premature in waving goodbye to the summer.

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