Large Indoor Plants

When looking for finishing touches for a room or an office a large plant with plenty of height can add a distinctive look that softens an area and adds something tangible for people to appreciate. Tall plants sit nicely in a corner or even next to items of furniture where they do not impact on floor space too much.

When you buy large plants they are normally supplied in 10-14 inch pots which can then be placed in larger planters or decorative containers to fit in with the style and decor of a room or office. You must however remember to add a drip tray to allow for drainage, though you must be able to get to the drip tray easily to allow for maintenance and removal of excess water. To cover the gap between the nursery pot and the planter you can use foam or moss or something akin to those.


Some examples of ideal large indoor plants for this purpose are:

1. Cane plants. This group includes Dracaenas, Yuccas and Nolinas which are all easy house or office plants. As they have the ability to store water in their woody stem they can survive periods of neglect. If you are unsure whether you will be able to care for your plants regularly then these are an ideal choice. All the plants can be provided as a 1.5 meter specimen and will grow from there. They will all thrive with a decent amount of natural light and will provide a green leafy indoor plant that is sure to make you smile.

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2. Indoor palms. These indoor plants are one of the most stunning plants you can buy, tall and elegant they will set off any room. Also they make great house plants with many of them easy to care for. There are examples that thrive in low light and some that do the same in full sun so they are flexible enough for any spot in your house or office. The Kentia palm is perhaps the most popular because it is easy to look after and doesn’t need too much light to do well. It makes a great gift because everyone has a spot where this palm will flourish.

3. Fig plants are very popular in houses, in their natural environments they can be found in most places in one form or another so can be very versatile. They can grow large so you may need to keep an eye on them and keep them in check but you will be mightily rewarded with some wonderful green foliage.

4. Moss Pole plants. Most of the plants that can be put in this section come from the Amazon jungle where they have to climb to get to the light.

They are therefore good climbers and need a good strong pole to climb up. They can grow very tall so you will need to prune them to keep them in check. Some of these plants are very popular and are seen in many households – most of you will have heard of the Umbrella plant and the Cheese plant. These plants sit very well in a house or office as they are relatively easy to maintain.

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