Large Chandeliers In Your Home

Large Chandeliers In Your Home – Like other large home décor items, most large chandeliers come with a warranty that covers the piece. This warranty usually guarantees that the item is durable and will last – large chandeliers often come with a warranty that may last for as long as ten years. Rooms with vaulted ceilings and two-story foyers are best to handle large chandeliers. The size of the room should be large enough to not look crowded once the large chandelier is in place.The chandelier should also be bought after having considered the other furniture that would go with it. The types of furniture should dictate the appropriate design of the large chandelier.

When you are considering one for your home, you should expect to pay a pretty penny. Smaller chandeliers can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000. Large chandeliers can cost 3 times this much money. However many retailers and e-boutiques offer discounts that can help with this price.


Before you buy, you should speak with a representative. Take pictures of the area where you plan to put the chandelier and consider any suggestions that they might have for you. Many of these people have been selling these chandeliers for at least a year, so they know where the chandeliers will work best in your home. You must consider many things before you purchase your lighting. You have to measure the potential installation spot and make sure that everything will fit.


Keep in mind that the best place to install a large chandelier is room that has a 2-story foyer or a vaulted ceiling. Not only do these rooms provide enough space for your big chandelier, they also compliment the chandelier and show it off perfectly. Of course, the paint or wall covering, floor covering, décor and furniture you choose will also contribute to the chandelier’s backdrop as well.

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The room should be large because these chandeliers never look good in cramped spaces. It is important to understand that these items are going to be the focal point of any room that you use them in, so if your big chandelier looks Victorian, your furniture, wall and floor coverings should also compliment this theme.


Home décor themes that work well with large chandeliers are shabby chic, Victorian, whimsical, old London, forest wonderland, ballroom/banquet room, futuristic, and modern. Some common materials manufacturers use to craft large chandeliers are crystal, bronze, silver leaf and wrought iron.

All large lamps lend an air of elegance to any surroundings. Just do not minimize the chandelier’s presence by surrounding it with tacky novelty furniture and knick-knacks. You will find that most of the time, all a foyer or 2 story room needs is the large chandelier, a few elegant side tables and a few pieces of art. Large chandeliers always combine beauty and glamour with simplicity.






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