Summer Decorations: The Lanterns

Summer Decorations: The Lanterns – If you put shells and sand in glass lanterns, you will create a beautiful effect. This lovely summer decorations will remind you on a seaside and sandy beaches, and on so longing holiday.

Decorate your glass lanterns and give them a nice coastal look. Fill them with a sand and various shells. Add the candle in the middle. If you have shells in different colors, shapes and sizes, the decoration will be even more attractive.
Summer decorations with real sea items are very easy to make. Fill the glass lantern with water, pebbles and floating candles. On the outer side of the lantern glue few small shells.

The possibilities are endless. For the best effect, play with lanterns in different sizes and create a group. It will be very attractive decor at your home or garden.
Glass lantern can also be a charming terrarium. It may sound complicated, but it is pretty much easy and straightforward to make it. Lantern that has a hinged door make the things even easier. Instead of multi-layered soil, you can use moss, that keeps the natural moist.

Lantern can be used in decorating balconies, terraces and garden areas. With candles, you will create a subtle and romantic atmosphere in the summer evenings. You can also use lanterns in bright colors, like orange, yellow or green, and it will make your home more vivid and your guests will love it.










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