Lady Gaga’s Hollywood Home

Lady Gaga is currently the most dominating and powerful pop singers in the music industry. So it is not surprising that Lady Gaga recently moved to a $5.1 million Hollywood home. Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home is a six bedroom house with all the modern facilities including suspend pools.

Although all the Hollywood houses have extremely beautiful, expensive and has a theme from different culture and an amazing interior design, Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home are not different. Pop queen Lady Gaga’s Hollywood home is a mixture of everything luxury items and technology and also the culture from contemporary to Mediterranean.

The two-story living room has French doors. Carved stone mantel pieces are decorating both living and family room. The room that can be used both as office and library has built-in shelves, French doors that lead to the pool terrace. Kitchen consists of two separate areas one of which is for cooking and the other for dining. Its glass doors lead to outdoor area with tables and chairs.

All in all there are six bedrooms and eight bathrooms besides the pool, office, and closet. The interior design is simple, modern, with traditional style accents in furniture and interior accessories. The color scheme for all rooms is white and cream white.







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