Kitchen With Tall Ceiling – Remodeling Tips

If you have kitchen with tall ceiling, you will possibly find difficulty in determining the right decoration for the remaining kitchen space. Determining the right configuration of your ceiling will be another challenge for you. The following are some remodeling ideas for kitchen with tall ceiling.

Cabinet ideas. Finding the right cabinetry will be a little bit difficult for high ceiling. Commonly, those with high kitchen ceiling will order cabinetry in custom sizes to meet the height they want. However, it is more expensive than the cabinetry with standard size. Another problem which may come when you have high cabinetry is that it is difficult to access the upper shelves. For this case, you will need a step to assist you. It will be unpractical when you are preparing the meal.


The ideal cabinetry for high ceiling has the height of about 7 feet and 6 inches off the floor to the top. For the space above the cabinet, you can be creative in using it. You can use it for displaying art objects like potted plants or sculptures. In addition, you can also use it for storing kitchen appliances which are rarely used in attractive boxes. If you don’t want empty space above the cabinet, you can install a soffit which can form a cove ceiling for mediating the difference in the height of the ceiling. As an alternative, you can consider installing deep crown molding. It is ideal for the scale of the space.


Storage ideas. With high ceiling, you have a wide option of storage opportunities. If you have no sufficient space in the floor, you can use the space above the cabinetry as the storage space as mentioned before. It will be the right location for installing a pot rack so that you can free up the space in the cabinet. In addition, you can choose a pot rack with adjustable suspension so that you can have a low access. Open shelves can also work best to be installed above the kitchen island.

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Lighting ideas. As the illumination in the kitchen, you may need to install multiple lights in order to get the proper illumination throughout the area in your kitchen. Installing a recessed lighting alone or ceiling fixtures will not be able to provide you sufficient lighting. As one of the great idea of kitchen lighting is by installing pendant lighting. It is ideal to illuminate the work space. For a dramatic effect, you can consider cove lighting since it can cast a glow upward. You can also use lighting to highlight certain area in your kitchen.



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