Kitchen TEAM7 Made Of Wood

Kitchen TEAM7 made of wood – If you like a simple esthetic, timeless style and cooking, you are on the good way to fall in love with beautiful TEAM7 kitchen made of wood. Covered in wood, each aspect of this kitchen is carefully designed with the aim to get healthy environment that serves perfectly to your needs.

This bespoke kitchen is designed by Sebastian Desch and, in its heart, represents the love for wood. Called “modern country kitchen”, it brings up the best from both, modern and country, with a combination of natural materials and modern design. Beside sustainable materials and excellent design, the kitchen is very functional thanks to lots of storage space and kitchen island.


Characteristics such as moveable block on the end of the kitchen island will expand dinning space that can be adjustable to fit in the kitchen. Working surfaces made of natural stone are very attractive and give an impression of high quality.
Amazing free-standing cupboards and wall-fitted units give TEAM7 kitchens the elegant look, as well as store all your kitchenware, both hiding it or expose on open shelves.

In order to break monotony of the wood surfaces, you can choose units with doors in clear, color or sanded glass, with gloss or matte finish.

TEAM7 kitchens are available in different woods – walnut, cherry, oak, maple, beech, alder – that comes from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Hungary. All surfaces are protected with natural oils, and it is available to purchase all products needed for further care (linseed oil, sunflower oil, soya oil, beewax, carnauba wax).

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