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Kitchen is the most important part of a home where the food is prepared and the source of energy for the whole house. Here we prepare our food and in many cases also host the mealtimes. They say a dish made with confidence and dedication will always be delicious, will energize us and help preserve our health, this is reflected in an orderly and prosperous life. Furthermore, it is the long history of symbolizing good health, wealth and abundance. The food you prepare and store there supplies nutrition and sustenance, providing the vitality that enables you to prosper in the world.

It is the place where its central function in a family’s life is acknowledged. In other words, it is a place where we make emotional connections. Therefore, it is necessary, to our kitchen in that that makes your life easier while sending a message of prosperity and health.

It requires well-generous counter space. It needs to be easy to work in and easy to clean. Now let us the top-ten” Feng Shui Tips for making your kitchen into the “healthy heart” of your home.

– It should be well-cleaned properly. However, its entire, appliances, walls, counters and cabinets should be in neat and tidy etc.
– Avoid placing the kitchen entrance directly opposite from the main entrance. This will ensure protection from incoming the negative energy.
– Have a fan or hood over the stove, but try to avoid using gray or chrome-colored materials.
– The stove should be placed against the wall instead of window and make sure that your stove placement allows the chef or cook to have full view of the entire room.
– You must use bright and light colors in your kitchen as it reveals the sound of freshness.
– Place your garbage out of view and buy a lid for it. It’s best to place it in a pantry or under the sink.
– Clean out the refrigerator and pantry and discard unhealthy or old foods. Also, remove unused or breakable pans and pots, lidless Tupperware, and other unwanted appliances.
– Add live plants, flowers, and happy colors to bring positive energy into your cooking and eating experience.

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The best lighting is natural. But when night artificial light should be intense, filling the air.
If your kitchen does not have enough natural light, solves this problem by placing the corners porcelain bowls with coarse salt to absorb moisture and enhance the movement of energy.

Choose the color of the walls according to what you want to encourage your family. The beige is quiet, earthy tones represent the warmth, but may cause anxiety about food, green contributes to economic growth and blue is ideal for families with children because it encourages communication.

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