Kitchen Decorating In Italian Style

When you’re looking at interior decorating ideas for the kitchen most are based on us choosing the right colours and paying attention to the little details. However, it is important to remember that the kitchen is like the heart of the home and is where normally the family gathers and guests will come and sit with you. Thus when looking to redecorate the interior of your kitchen it should be carried out so that it is comfortable, friendly and yet practical.

One of the more popular types of kitchen decorating is the Italian style, which combines both modern and traditional elements, so not only do you have the grace and elegance of a more modern kitchen but it sits easily with the charm and comfort of a Italian kitchen. Such a room is a place where people will gather not only to prepare and eat food, but just to be together.

Colors in an Italian kitchen. As with any kitchen trend the first thing you will need to concentrate on is color. With an Italian kitchen theme you will need to create a warm feel to the kitchen with the colors being used. By using such colors as warm orange, yellow, red or green you will soon find that the starkness has been removed and a warm comfortable inviting feeling has replaced it. A blend of brown color wood floor with walls of yellow gold are very suitable for making Italian kitchen design ideas become real.


When considering an original Italian theme for your kitchen, it’s a good idea to start by studying pictures of Tuscany, Italy. This region was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and for good reason. A broad spectrum of color fills the countryside, including fields of lavender flowers, blue skies, green rolling hills, and deep sunset shades of yellow, orange, and red. Tuscan kitchen cabinets often feature natural wood tones that recall the warm colors of the Tuscany landscape.

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Italian kitchen decor. Italian kitchen decorations celebrate cooking, art, and family life. Also if you really are keen to use the Italian theme then why not make it more authentic by adding Italian style pictures and pottery in to the room in colors which accentuate the rest of the space. You can buy inexpensive Italian pieces in any home decor store. If you are really strapped for money, try shopping at yard sales and consignment stores – sometimes you can get a real nice piece for a couple of bucks! Enliven the decor with olive oil, bread, wine, and spices displayed out in the open.

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You can decorate your kitchen with italian woven bamboo crafts, flower pot that is simple but still support the atmosphere of Italy, wood carvings and wall, as well as some artful furniture kitchen mounted hanging. As with any interior kitchen decoration you will need to look at the space you have available and remember that not every piece of available space in the room has to be filled. Certainly with a kitchen based on the Italian style of kitchen it is okay to leave some spaces untouched (empty), but it should still looked live in and not like a show house.



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  1. Great work! These are really amazing kitchen designs. These are simple and easy ways to change the whole look of kitchen. Thanks for sharing this.

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