Kitchen Appliances – You Must Have The Rice Cooker!

Rice cookers are the most widely used and the most important kitchen utensil. The rice cookers are used to boil rice to make them in an eatable form. As for rice cooking performance, it makes excellent rice. Make sure to rinse rice several times before loading and follow guides for rice/water. In the modern world everyone wants to finish off their work as soon as possible and the rice cookers avoid the hassle of standing on our feet just to prepare a meal for our family. When we use cookers we are basically cutting down the time that would normally take to prepare a meal into half.

The two types of cookers are traditional rice cookers and electric rice cookers. The cookers come in various shapes and sizes so as to suit the needs of the person who is using them. A rice cooker is not only used to cook the rice but also used to cook vegetables and certain types of seafood as well.

In commercial or industrial use, there are varied rice cookers such as such large gas or a large scale rice cooker called ‘Rice Boiler’. The main aspect to be taken into account is the type of rice that one use for cooking. The rice that we use must be properly washed and also the measurement cup that comes with the rice cooker should be used along with the right quantity of water. The freshness of rice also affects the amount of water and cooking time.


The normal cookers consist of a main body, inner cooking pan, electric heating plate, the thermal sensing device and some buttons. With the time being an important factor, people now prefer electric rice cooker. Their main features are micro-processor controlled cooking cycles, employing pressure cooking and induction heating. They are extremely user-friendly and they can be adjusted to cook food at high or low temperatures. We can use electric rice cooker to bake, boil or heat up the meals. The normal rice cooker has to be placed on the stove-top whereas the electric rice cooker has to be connected to an electrical source.


Sunbeam® 20 Cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker, Sunbeam

In an electric rice cooker the temperatures can be adjusted according to the type of rice and the amount of water. There are some electric cookers that will automatically turn themselves down when the cooking is over. It generally takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete cooking. The electric rice cookers have the feature of ‘keep warm’. There are also Microwave rice cooker which is microwavable to cook rice. With the more and more inventions popping up in the industry and the growing importance, the rice cookers have become inevitable these days.

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Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker

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