Jason Statham’s Green Glass House

Jason Statham’s green house built in fully transparent glass interior design. Statham’s modern, 2,281-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath Los Angeles home was recently listed on the market for $2.75 million, and it’s nothing short of sexy. Living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom, all have access out through the transparent glass wall. Almost all the houses covered by transparent glass walls framed with black frame. This green house will look elegant because of the contrasting black and white furniture. Equipped with an office, place of relaxation such as swimming pool and lounge filled with green plants make this house look fresh and minimalist tropical. For privacy, the outside of the green house is bounded by a high fence with overgrown greenery so that everything done in the house is not visible to the public.

Jason Statham’s glass Hollywood hills house is modern in style and it’s design is sleek but not too minimalist. The style is made to suit a man. The house has an office with floor-to-ceiling shelves and huge desk and white chair. The house is also full of light due to glass walls and the greenery outside adds some warmth to it.

The black frame of the house greatly contrasts with black and white furniture, glass walls and some wooden elements. The bathroom also has a glass wall that shows hedges and greenery and features glass and marble. One of the bedrooms has a huge flat-screen TV and a view on the outside lounge area.







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