Jar Candle Ideas

Jar Candle Ideas – Have you ever wanted to learn how to make candles at home? Making a simple jar candle is a great way to learn and it’s also a lot of fun! Candle making can be a very involved process, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially if you are just looking for something fun to do that you can share with your friends and family. Making candles isn’t the cheapest hobby either, but there are ways to cut corners.

Before you get started, you are going to need some basic supplies. First off, you are going to need a thermometer. You can use any type of kitchen or candy thermometer. This is an essential piece of equipment.

You’ll need to purchase wax. You can generally find 10 pound blocks of paraffin was at a craft store. If you don’t want to purchase wax, you can also use old candles that you have around the house. If you use something you already have, you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t have a thick outer coating.


If you want to add color to your candles, you’ll need to purchase some dye. You can use crayons if you are in a jam, but you could have issues with how your candles burn.

What’s a candle without a scent? Without some type of fragrance oil, you won’t have a good smelling candle. The good thing is that a little bit of fragrance oil goes a long way.

In order to light your candle you are going to need a wick. They come in several sizes depending on how big a circle of wax you plan on burning. In addition to wicks, you’ll also need metal tabs.

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The last thing you’ll need is some type of container. This can be as simple as a jelly jar. You can find lots of neat and inexpensive containers at thrift stores and yard sales.

Now that you have all of your supplies, you’ll need to gather up the following equipment; sauce pan, wooden spoon, thermometer, large knife, cutting board, ice pick, wax paper, sticks, glass measuring cup, and pliers.

You’ll want to prepare your work space by laying out wax paper and setting the open jars on the paper. You will also want to go ahead and lay out the rest of your equipment by the stove.

Break up your wax and place it in your sauce pan on low heat. You’ll want to make sure it’s melting slowly. Continue to add wax as it starts to melt. Wax is flammable, so be careful not to let it get above 250 degrees. This is why a thermometer is an essential piece of equipment.

Next you will need to prepare the wicks. Cut the wick the height of the candle plus an inch. Push the wick into the hole on the metal tab with a toothpick or ice pick. Take your pliers and crimp it down tightly. Dip the wick in melted wax and hold it straight while it cools. This way it will stay straight in the jar.

Wrap the wick around one of the sticks and lower it into the jar. You’ll want to make sure that the tab is in the center of the jar. Set all of the jars on the wax paper to protect your counter top.

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Before starting to pour your wax, you’ll want to ensure that the wax is the correct temperature. Ideally, you want the wax to be between 170 and 180 degrees. If it’s hotter than this, remove the sauce pan from the heat so it can cool. At this point, you’ll want to go ahead and add your fragrance and dye as well.

When you begin to pour your wax into the jars using the glass measuring cup, you want to start out with about an inch of wax. At this time, you’ll need to take a stick and push the metal tab down into the bottom of the jar. You will also want to make sure the wick is centered. Once that has cooled and you’ve ensured that the wick has stayed straight, you need to pour in the remainder of the wax.

After you’ve filled all of your jars, you will need to let them set for 24 hours in order for them to harden completely. After that, it’s time to trim the wicks and enjoy your candles!






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