Interior Trend In 2014 – Flex Rooms

What are flex rooms? Flex rooms are rooms or areas in the house which have a range of uses, or could be changed at some point during the year. It’s usually a place in the house which is used for more than one purpose, for example an entry space that also works as a sitting or dining area.

Flex rooms are the quintessential location in the home that can be used for multiple purposes and people. When dealing with a small living area, flex room is a great example of making the most of small spaces. Flex rooms are designed to give more privacy to larger families and usually include a separate space such as a reading area or study off the main bedroom area.


Why is this a popular trend and why will it be strong in 2014? The strength behind this trend can find its strength in three main factors: baby boomers, income and versatility.

1. Baby boomers. Architects are now designing homes to accommodate the growing elderly population who are opting to stay with family. These houses have to be well organized, usually segregated from the rest of the house in some way in a self contained unit. This allows for separation between the family (sanity preservation) and it also allows the living space to be rented out if need be.

2. Income. As disposable income has dropped significantly and pensions lost in the crash of 2008, retirees have been forced to move in with their families as they simply can’t afford to live by themselves, or pay for a retirement home.

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3. Versatility. Options are empowering and give the homeowner choices. Flex rooms enable maximum usage with the space given; maximum usage output per square foot of living space. It also allows for change of use if so required.

For many, flex rooms are an extra family room by day and a guest suite by night but they can be so much more. The point is these spaces can be whatever you need.







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