Interior Styles: The Nussberg Penthouse In Vienna

Exquisite, playful and with a touch of rustic elegance, the Nussberg Penthouse, with its bohemian setting, seeks to offer a unique living experience, by blending the natural feel with the contemporary comfort. Penthouse Nussberg is an interior project by Beef Architekti in Vienna, Austria. Located on the hillside overlooking Vienna, this former hotel compound was rebuilt in the 90’s as housing.

The Nussberg penthouse, located on a hill, overlooks the wonderful city. The apartment stands out, due to its ‘excess’ of brightness. You can enjoy wonderful moments, watching the sun at dusk or drink a cup of coffee in the morning, on the terrace.


The use of natural materials and colors throughout creates a cosy atmosphere. Wood floorings, chairs and different shades of brown, create an environment of natural and almost cottage-like inspiration. Also, there are likewise works of art on the dividers and brilliant covers, with this make inside to be more lively, inventive and shining advanced inner part.

Adjusted utilization of wood all through the living and the feasting territory give the home its rural character. Case in point the ergonomic feasting table, the seats, kitchen ledge and a couple of divider surfaces all over there are secured in wood to carry out this uniquely ‘conventional and provincial’ advance. Whatever is left of the home however is clad in nonpartisan white dividers, smooth décor and a dash of color all over there to liven up the rooms.

The paintings on the walls and the colorful rugs, though, transform it into a more interesting and contemporary home. The result is a playful, creative and bright modern interior.

There is moreover a substantial terrace outside where some persons can unwind and appreciate the wonderful days. Intermingling the cool current styles with a touch of provincial appeal is not the most straightforward to draw off. It may not dependably be a style that is in a split second engaging most.

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