Interior Effects That You Must Try

Metallic details, surprising colors of the walls, designs that will give you back the forgotten spirit of teenage rebellion …They are all interior effects with which you can experiment to find your own unique style.

Repaint a wall in a bright, extreme color. The majority of us grow up in homes that are decorated according to the traditional concepts of design, with possible permission from our parents to redecorate our room in accordance with the teenager style. However, when we prepare to decorate the apartment, often we return to the old, simplified rules of interior design. Paint one wall in brave color – let it be a sign of your teenage arrogance struggling into a body of an adult!


Use the interior color you usually love to wear. Sometimes we feel constrained by unwritten rules such as, for example, that a dark green is suitable more for the bedroom than the lounge. Feel free to apply your favorite color in any room that you want to refresh. Blue kitchen? Why not!


Varnish a piece of furniture in high gloss. With colors and painted elements is always good to experiment. High gloss does not look very appealing if you use it on the entire room, but one interesting piece of furniture can be a remarkable effect in your living room.

Apply vibrant colors where they are not expected. Opt for the bright red background in the kitchen, try a striped pattern on the wall or even the ceiling. You will get a fresh effect, in which you will enjoy for a long time.


Dare to make an artwork from the good, old, boring white doors. Decorate them with some patterned wallpaper, decorate with a mirror, stained glass or a collage! You may also find your new hobby.

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Try to use metallic effects. It can be applied on a part of the wall, metallic wallpaper or a piece of furniture. You can make an interesting furniture decorated with graffiti. This motif will easily change when you get bored.


Apply a crazy paint on an old piece of furniture. Of course the dresser from the mother’s bedroom looks boring in the 21st century. But that’s no reason to throw it away. Roll up your sleeves, get the color you really like and go on an adventure.


Try also some dark colors. We all know the old saying that “a bright colors make a room more spacious,” but a similar effect can be obtained with dark colors, especially if you opt for a high gloss finish.

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