Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016 – This year calls for a new look. Remodel your kitchen. Redecorate your family room. Add some glamour and elegance to your bedroom. Don’t sit still; change something about your living space. Make it modern and new. The 2016 trends for interior design are exciting; here’s how you can use them to put a new face on your living space.


The color trend for 2016 is drama. While certain color families are appearing more frequently – purples and pinks or milky blues, for example – the common theme as it relates to color is drama. Use bold colors to make bold statements.


The key to successfully creating this drama is to pair the bold colors with beautiful neutrals and clean whites. Colorful art, fabrics, and paints can all help you add zing to your space.You can also use sapphire to add style and make your room stunning. Black is also great for adding drama in your interior. Showrooms have black stainless steel appliances on display for you to add to your kitchen. Black tile, black fireplaces, and even black walls are on trend for the new year.


Space – How to organize it?

Family dining is coming back this year. New homes are including formal dining spaces and existing homes are more likely to keep these dining spaces intact. Add some stylish pieces to accent your dining space and throw in a splash of dramatic color and you instantly have a modern room worthy of your finest family meals. Tech-less spaces are also on the rise. Families are choosing to keep family rooms unplugged to facilitate more family time, proving that it’s possible to be modern without gadgets.

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Cutting clutter is a hot trend for the new year 2016. New kitchens are designed to keep counters clear. Accent schemes are generally simpler and less cluttered. Organic accents with texture and artisan flair will give your space a modern look. Sustainability is also buzzing this year. Redesign your existing pieces rather than buy new. Add trim in a fun color to your current window treatments. Refinish a vintage piece. See what you have in a new way. Don’t keep what you don’t love and can’t use; give it to someone who will love it and use it.



Fabric trends for the new year include color, texture, and artisan touches, similar to the other trends mentioned above. You will see more botanicals this year, as well as a variety of metallic prints in fabrics. Animal prints are still around, but the 2016 versions have a more international feel. Modern throw pillows will be graphic and bold, with bright colors and interesting patterns.



In general, carpeting is softer and wood flooring is more worn. Wood is also spreading to the kitchen, where it is becoming more predominant. Mixed width planks and worn woods in gray tones work well in the kitchen and have a modern look. Countertops continue to be granite, but in lighter tones. Quartz counters are on the rise. Floor tiles are bigger. Geometric patterns are showing up this year as well in kitchen backsplashes and on bathroom floors.


The new year bring with it many changes. Use this opportunity to make changes to your space. Your update may be as simple as restyling your bookcase to as complicated as a kitchen remodel. Whatever you have in mind, remember that the most important thing about a space is how it makes you feel. Don’t sit still and let the interior design trends 2016 pass you by.

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