Interior Design Ideas: Furniture Trends

Decorating a house by following the latest furniture trends can be both fun and stressful, not to mention time consuming and exhausting. But, if you don’t want to appeal to the help of a professional or, have better ideas in your mind that don’t want to be spoiled with professional interior design advice, working alone and following furniture trends might come as a bless. Besides the fact that you will take part step by step to the reconstruction of your home, the time spent will release from all the stress you put up with at the job or dealing with personal matters.

And because we want to support you into unleashing your imagination and giving birth to fantasy and creativity, but we also want you to make it according to furniture trends as possible, here are some important trends in the world of furniture you might want to consider when decorating the house this year.

In 2011 many furniture trends stood close to the ones imposed in the previous year, but with enough changes to make you be able to juggle with fun and versatile pieces. First thing to take into consideration is that, like in 2010, retro furniture trend remains strong. Take advantage of any retro and vintage pieces you might considered throwing once and recondition them into still looking old, but with that touch of modern. For example, an old coffee table can be easily transformed into a new piece by changing the glass or adding some patterns to it. Same strategy can be applied to almost all pieces of furniture, starting with chairs and sofas, or some distressed furniture . There is no need for going “out with the old and in with the new”, especially when the new comes from ordinary, common furniture stores like Ikea. Keeping the old will make your home look more authentic, and by adding colorful, beaded pillows or a bright carpet on them, they for sure will also seem younger.

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Patterns, patterns, patterns. Don’t be afraid of adding some color and geometry into your house decorating, and what better way to do so but by letting furniture meet style and crazy coloring? Patterns can be found in woven texture, beadwork and even fretwork. Whether you go for the painted ones, the embroidered, carved or beaded ones, it is all about the influences. Opt for chairs in wood frame colored in blue or green and with Mexican or oriental influences. Offering a tribute to Africa by choosing patterns locally from those parts is also welcomed, while getting inspired from nature and its colors will never be found as out of fashion.

Modern/vintage mix. Science fiction with a touch of Victorian? Why not? Steampunk is definitely into the furniture trends this year. Brassy metals have now a rusty, hand-beaten look and they look fabulous! And who said that elements such as gears, pulleys or brackets don’t go alongside with crystals and velvet? It is all about improvising to make it look good, classy, elegant but still vivid. Opt for a crystal chandelier, a piece that will also never make it out of the fashion industry and combine it with a more rough, science-fiction looking sofa or carpet.

living room Ikea 2012

In terms of strict furniture, the definitely trend to follow is green. In the last year green furniture, although available for a long time, has gone now mainstream, and who are we to not embrace it? Furniture made out of recycled pieces of wood, roses and other unconventional materials can give a touch of originality to your home.

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Last, but not least, furniture trends go multifunctional. In times when space is almost a luxury, pieces of furniture that perform more than one task are in demand. Look for extra storage space in closets, tables, under beds and in entertainment consoles and enjoy each free corner and inch of space you have. In addition, multifunctional furniture such as beds and extendable sofas can pull you out of dilemmas when dealing with crashing friends or parents over the night into your apartment.


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