Interior Design Ideas For Kitchens

As you look at interior design ideas for kitchens, you’ll probably be drawn to specific themes. Perhaps you love the look of a crisp black and white café style kitchen or maybe you are excited by Irish kitchen décor. French country themes are quite popular, as are retro fifties kitchens. Keep notes as you flip through magazines and design books. After you are done browsing through all the ideas you’ve seen, you’ll probably notice that most of these ideas center around a single theme.

This is the theme you will probably be happiest with when you come to fit a new kitchen.
Once you’ve decided on one of the many kitchen décor themes available, it is time to take a close look at the area you will be redecorating. You may feel that the cabinets, flooring and countertops are all so outdated that the idea of decorating the space is a bit silly. Before you give up on your dream of that charming Irish country kitchen, think about creative ways to update what you have with paint and elbow grease.


Most cabinets are still in good shape long after you’ve grown tired of seeing them. Simply switching out the doors or applying a layer of fresh paint can give them five or ten more years of life at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. If you have damaged wooden floors, try lightly sanding them, filling in gouges with wood putty and then painting the whole floor with a coat of the most durable white paint you can find. Those outdated laminate countertops can look like granite in a few short hours when you redo them using faux painting techniques. Re-grout tile work and repaint tiles that don’t match the theme you want to use in your kitchen. Even appliances can get a new look. Apply a fresh coat of enamel paint to your mustard yellow dishwasher or build a wooden front for that avocado fridge and you’ll be ready to decorate your space.

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Once the framework of your kitchen matches your new theme, it is time to look at wall colors. Since there usually is not a lot of empty wall space in a kitchen, you can be a bit adventurous with your color choice without overpowering the room. Just keep in mind that dark colors make a small room look even smaller, while light colors make the space look larger.
After you apply the paint, add window treatments, tablecloths, dishes and accessories to complete your theme.

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