Interior Design Ideas For Enlarging The Small Rooms

How to visually enlarge the small rooms? Use the right color for your interior. For example, instead of deep purple color, choose the gentle lavender shade, because the darker colors will make your room smaller. Walls painted in lighter colors reflecting the light, and so make the room more spacious even in the very small flats.

Some people think that you have small choice of colors you can use in small interiors, but, on contrary, you may use any color you like, even multicolor walls can look good and fresh. The goal is that the space you are living in has your personal touch and that makes you feel comfortable.


One trick how to enlarge the room using different colors is to paint “the main wall”. If you use a bit darker shade on the one wall, you will create the sense of spaciousness. Choose deeper shades of blue, green or earthy tones. Use this color only on one or two walls, to avoid the claustrophobic effect.


If you like matt colors, use them in the rooms with plenty of natural lights, because they tend to make a room smaller than it is in reality.
Additionally, the sense of spaciousness in interior can be achieved by choosing the furniture in the same color as the walls are painted.


As many designers recommend – don’t forget the black color in your interior design. The black color is not suitable only for horror story fans, but it is welcome in any home. In small interiors use freely details in black color – black lampshade or cushions will give an accent to other colors, pointed them out and create a stylish finishing touch.

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