Interior Design Color Trends For 2015

Interior Design Color Trends For 2015 – 2015 will be the year for reinventing classy luxury. Modern interior design trends 2015 include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, neutral decorating colors, exotic motifs, patterns, golden colors and artistic details and surprising blend of textures. Natural materials, such as stone, wood, metal and glass, dominate modern interior design trends. But what about the color trends 2015?

Hues of blue will be very popular in interior design color trends 2015. This palette provides an easy living, understated home style providing a sense of relaxation and tranquility within a living space.


‘Back to the nature’ is the basic idea of this new color palette in interior design 2015. Green color captures and exaggerates the scale of the environment to make a real statement in the home. Playing on jungle-like motifs, oversized patterns and saturated colors, and lifted directly from the complexities of flora and foliage this theme encapsulates an instinctive and primitive aesthetic. Mixing hues of green (from dark charcoals till lush greens) in the painting of furniture, layout of walls and home accessories you’ll get the feeling that you are closer to nature.

The modern interior color palette in fact is formed by indigo, plum, charcoal and greys, with the addiction of warmer hues, like peach, coral and soft apricot, to balance the cold effect of greys. There’s also a dusty pink here, but the final effect is not girly thanks to the combination with these other shades.

Bold has always been considered great when it comes to interior design. A combination of red dahlia to go with neutral off-whites, deep shades of gray combined with black and other citrus tones are highly recommended for interior design 2015.

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